Our Process

At Gebal Group, we are unique in offering a full service comprising design, supply, installation, and maintenance for play areas, sports facilities, and outdoor recreation zones throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Initial Consultation
Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. Our team of 12 in-house specialist architects works closely with clients during an initial consultation. This is where clients can express their design preferences and budget considerations. In response, we present preliminary design proposals that align with the client’s budget. These initial concepts are often conveyed through 2D CAD or SketchUp presentations.
Concept Development
Building on the insights from the initial consultation and the finalization of preliminary concepts, we embark on the comprehensive development of the recreation area design. Central to our process is our commitment to safety—each piece of equipment is meticulously chosen to comply with pertinent European safety standards. Accompanying the design are layout drawings that delineate safety zones around equipment. To provide clients with a clearer vision, we supply detailed specifications and vibrant 3D color renders, offering a lifelike preview of the completed spaces.
Upon obtaining approval, we transition to the Procurement phase. Our partnerships extend to industry leaders in play equipment, flooring, skateparks, and street furniture, mainly based in Europe. Throughout production and shipping, our engineers maintain a dialogue with client site teams, streamlining the readiness of the areas for the incoming equipment. This seamless coordination ensures minimal downtime.
With an highly experienced outdoor installation team of over 120 skilled personnel, Gebal Group conducts the majority of our installations in-house, minimizing the need for external labor. This approach reinforces our commitment to delivering consistently high-quality play, sports, and recreation areas. As installation concludes, we furnish comprehensive handover documents and warranty packs in accordance with contract terms.
The paramount concern for Gebal Group is user safety. Our commitment to safety extends beyond installation. To uphold ongoing safety standards, we offer on-site inspections, repairs, refurbishments, and maintenance in line with contract stipulations. We back our equipment with substantial warranties—a minimum of 5 years, with many components carrying warranties for up to 10 years—provided maintenance protocols are adhered to.