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Welcome to Gebal Group: Where Fun Meets Safety with a Touch of Quirkiness!
At Gebal Group, we don't just create public realms - we craft remarkable experiences that bring joy and excitement to communities. We are the go-to specialists in design, supply, and installation, offering a wide range of products that will make your space come alive in the most delightful and unique ways.

From play equipment that turns ordinary playgrounds into wonderlands of adventure, to street furniture that adds a touch of style and comfort to urban settings, we know how to transform public spaces into vibrant hubs of activity and interaction. Our skateparks are not just ramps and rails; they are the birthplace of gravity-defying tricks and jaw-dropping stunts.

But that's not all! We take sports seriously, no matter if you're a pro athlete or just love a friendly match. Our top-notch sports equipment is designed to meet the highest standards, elevating your game to new heights. And for those fitness enthusiasts, we've got you covered with our state-of-the-art fitness equipment that will keep you pushing your limits.

Sun a bit too harsh? Fear not! Our shade structures provide cool havens of relief, ensuring that you can enjoy the outdoors without the worry of getting scorched.

Now, let's talk flooring. We're not just about safety - we're about making a statement. Our innovative safety flooring options combine functionality and aesthetics, keeping you safe while also adding a touch of flair. Our multi-sports flooring is the ultimate playground for all athletes, allowing you to indulge in various sports without compromising performance.

Oh, and did we mention grass pitches? We create lush green fields that are a siesta for the eyes and a haven for competition. And for those gym rats, our gymnasium flooring is designed to handle the toughest workouts, providing a solid foundation for your fitness goals.

So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Let Gebal Group sprinkle its magical touch on your public realm project. Together, we'll create a space that's not only functional but also unforgettable - all with a healthy dose of Gebal Group's signature quirkiness.

Get ready to laugh, play, and unleash your imagination. Gebal Group is here to turn your dreams into reality.
Numbers accurate as of 19/07/2023
Play Areas Installed
Fitness Areas Installed
Drinking Fountains Installed
Skateparks Installed
m² of TPV/EPDM Flooring
m² of Shade Structures
m² of Sports Flooring
Units of Street Furniture
It begins with imagination and ends with play.
We spark imagination in building spaces. Our passion lies in creating atypical and extraordinary designs.
We nurture thoughtfully-designed play spaces by finding the nexus between form and function. To strike a balance between safety and thrill, we get down to the fundamentals of building.
We are wholly dedicated to implementing innovative ideas in our designs. By not conforming to any boundaries, we challenge ourselves to create inspiring yet functional play spaces. To do so, we begin by asking ourselves: why not?
We take a collaborative approach when meeting people from all perspectives and walks of life. A diversified interaction with the community compels us to rethink our designs and processes.
We shape the notion of play for tomorrow by building spaces where people meet and are happy.
building blocks
We use innovative, environmental friendly materials to create safe and sustainable playgrounds for our children.
Certification No 043-042-1336
The GALAXY line is a revolutionary and award-winning line that has reinvented the way children play and challenged conventional ideas of what playground equipment should look like. The line boosts stellar designs which are suitable for children ranging from the ages of 6-15 years. Its transparent design also enables Galaxy to blend in with its environment.
Certification No 043-042-1338
BLOQX mainly caters to children aged 8 years and above. The concept is built on the idea of multiple challenges which provides for an irresistible 3D climbing adventure. With its 'modern sculpture' appearance, BLOQX is perfect for the urban environment.
Certification No 043-042-1337
MOMENTS series is all about creative play as it caters to children between the ages of 1-6 years. The theme incorporates vivid colours and friendly shapes in order to aid in the development of important learning skills in children.
Certification No 043-042-1339
The X-ERCISE line is carefully designed in order to maintain good health and generally appeals to those 15 years and above. The designs embrace personal wellness and have the ability to accommodate multiple users at the same time.
Magic Rubber
Certification No 043-041-1335

EPDM ( Ethylene-Proylene-diene-Monomer) is a brightly coloured synthetic rubber, made from recycled raw materials . Highly elastic and resilient, it delivers safety without compromising on fun, and comes in an extensive range of colours and designs. EPDM has a high absorption rate and is excellent slip proof material. Soft and warm to touch, yet resistant enough to last for years.

It is suitable for children’s playgrounds, recreational park areas, residential landscaping, schools, nurseries areas, walkways, swimming pool areas and courts. Our EPDM cast-In-situ rubber flooring has achieved ASTM and SS standards.

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